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Native Flute Shop Booklet

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Native Flute Shop Booklet 

For those of you who are already making good flutes, this
Native Flute Shop Booklet
is what you will want to get.

It is not a step-by-step book on learning how to make a flute

It is intended for folks who are already making flutes and it has many techniques and ideas on how to make your
Flute Making easier and better.

For those of you who have not yet tried Flute Making, or are having trouble making good flutes, I suggest you instead get the
ki-e-ta Flute Making Manual.

If you saw the photo of my daughter, Mattie Tom, on the
cover of my first book, the ki-e-ta Flute Making Manual,
you will notice how in this photo below she has matured. 
So has the Flute Making knowledge that I have put into
this second book -
the Native Flute Shop Booklet .

The Native Flute Shop Booklet has almost 100 pages of new ideas and techniques for Flute Making. 

I discuss, at length, such topics as:


  • Smooth Air Flow – This should be the single most important objective for the Flute Maker.  I have written six pages discussing this topic in great detail!


  • Toxicity of Woods – What potential health problems can arise by using certain woods for your Flutes?


  • Buying Wood – Use the ‘language’ that woodworkers use to buy their wood.


  • Flue in the Nest versus Flue in the Fetish-block – One of these ‘styles’ of Flute Making has less Air Turbulence than the other.   Which one is it?


  • Tuning each Finger-hole – Finally, an easy to understand and simple way to tune your Flute.


  • Wet sanding Process – Step by step.


  • Breathiness’ in a Flute – What is it, what causes it, and how to correct it.


  • Wetting Out – What can you do to keep a Flute from wetting out, and what can you do in your Flute Making design techniques to limit Wetting Out.


  • Note Jumping (over-blowing) – The most often question that I am asked is how to control this?   There are 13 areas that are covered in this chapter that you can do to try to limit Note Jumping.


The Native Flute Shop Booklet features numerous photos and detailed steps of these Flute Making techniques:


  • Wind Blocker – With this home-made, inexpensive, Wind-Blocker you will now be able to play your Flute in the wind.


  • Cutting Leather Laces – Buy old leather clothes at a Thrift Shop and learn how to make your own Leather Laces.


  • Attaching the Fetish-block with Magnets instead of a Leather Laces – Here’s how.


  • Bore Sanders – Properly sanding the Bore is usually a pain-staking task, but with these tools it is made relatively easy.


  • Slow Chamber Exit-hole Jig – Learn how to make and use this Jig which will help you consistently get your SAC Exit-hole drilled at the exactly correct down-angle and placed in the center of the FLUE.



Here are some samples of the +30 Chapters:  


Inlaying Turquoise – Detailed steps on how to crush turquoise, cut out your design into the flute, and glue in the turquoise.  


 Go from this:




 To this:




Patching an Accidental Hole in the Flute
– Eventually, most of us will accidentally sand too deep into our Flute.  No need to throw it away.  It can now be repaired!


 This is the hole:




 This is the Patch:



 This is the finished product:





Shellac Dipping Tube
– Learn how to make one of these and how to use it:





Undercutting Finger-holes
– Learn about tools and techniques to do this:





Shop Dollies – Working alone and having to move your shop power equipment?  Make these shop dollies:





 Native Flute Shop Booklet

Only $41 USD

The Native Flute Shop Booklet comes to your email electronically. You just click on the link that is sent to you and save the book on your computer.
Then you can print out a copy to be used in your shop, and you have your original still saved on your computer for safekeeping. And all photos are in color!

Only $41 USD

(no shipping and handling charges!)

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Native Flute Shop Booklet .