Chiricahuas - The Land of the Apache
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What friends have said.....

Don (Nevada) - "The ki-e-ta Flute Manual has everything you need to know to make a Flute.  Easy to follow step-by-step directions, supported generously with good clear photos with pointers in the photo's showing you exactly what the author is talking about."


Shawn (Canada) "Most books and CDs assume that you had made flutes before & didn't state a few little tricks & tips, such as the ki-e-ta Flute Manual does."


Beverly (New York) "Dealing with ki-e-ta was a lesson in what life might have been like in much simpler times.  He actually sent out the ki-e-ta Flute Manual before he received payment because he sensed my enthusiasm, and followed up with emails asking if I had any questions."


Bob (Colorado) "What makes this ki-e-ta Flute Manual so helpful is that it provides you with a detailed guideline so that you have a very good chance at turning out a good flute on your first try.  As you become more skilled in flute making you can see that the author wants you to experiment with different techniques and processes."


Carole (Australia) "The aftersale service is to be commended.  Four star!  Fast, friendly, and always there to offer support and advices.  Thank you so much, ki-e-ta!  Saved me from wasting so much time, energy and money, and taught me how to create some beautiful flutes!!"


Dale (France) "Above all , when you purchase theki-e-ta Flute Manual, you get ki-e-ta forever too !!...To answer all your questions."


Walt (Michigan) "The is the most valuable piece of equipment that I have in my flute making arsenal. I was successful on my very first flute."