Chiricahuas - The Land of the Apache
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Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual

Song by Carl Perry -

Yucca plant

Sotol plant

Agave plant

This is an entirely different kind of Flute
than you have ever seen! 

It is a flute made from the Native Yucca-Stalk

that grows here in the southwest where the
Chiricahua Apaches once roamed.

And now you too can make this great looking flute!

"Sounds great, but where the heck do I get Yucca Stalks?" 

(IMPORTANT: See Notice below....for a limited time, I have Sotol-stalks available for sale!)

Even though this Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual was written to be used with Yucca, Agave, and Sotol stalks....other type of branches with soft inner-cores can be used.  Consider Sumac, Elderberry, and other types of dried branches.  Get creative in your search!  

This is a photo of my daughter holding a Yucca-Stalk Flute.

Why consider making a Native Yucca-Stalk Flute?

  • They sound as good as traditional wood flutes
  • They take about 8 hours to make....that's 1/4 the time it takes to make a wood flute
  • No need for expensive, dangerous, loud equipment like routers, lathes, power saws.  Basically only a Dremel tool, and a few other small tools needed

Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual is written in common language and is very non-technical.  It has almost 200 photos and over 80 pages that will guide you through every phase of your Flute Making. 


Detailed instructions for every step of your flute making.


Instructions on which tools work best and how to use them.

No prior Woodworking experience neccessary and you don't need to have a lot of tools. 

I think you will find that the Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual 
is the easiest to understand, and most complete source, for learning how to make flutes from stalks.     

 The ki-e-ta Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual will be sent to your email electronically.  You just click on the link that is sent to you and save the book on your computer.   
Then you can print out a copy to be used in your shop, and you have your original still saved on your computer for safekeeping.  And all photos are in color!

Price is only $38.00 USD

(No shipping and handling charges!)

30 day 100% guarantee..."If you are not satisfied, let me know for a FULL refund."


Click on the 'Contact Me' button for directions on buying the
Native Yucca-Stalk Flute Making Manual.

News Flash!

If you have already ordered the Cherrycows Native Yucca-stalk Flute Making Manual, or are thinking about ordering it....then this pertains to you!

I now have a few fabulous looking SOTOL-stalks for sale.

I personally like working with Sotol-stalk better than either Yucca-stalks or Agave-stalks, and these Sotol-stalks are in really good shape.
I just harvested them from a friends ranch in the Chiricahua Mountains and I am not sure when I will have more available.

All of these Sotol-stalks are at least 1-1/8" diameter and are 24" long, thus allowing for the making a deeper sounding flutes.

Price for one Sotol-stalk = $25
Price for two = $40 ($10 savings!)

....and I'll pay the shipping charges!

Just think, for just $40 you can make two great looking, great sounding Native Flutes.  And you can have them made in about a week.

And here is an additional offer:
If you order the Cherrycows Native Yucca-stalk Flute Making Manual ($38) and buy one of these Sotol-stalks ($25)....I'll send you the second Sotol-stalk FREE!

To get in on this limited-time offer, you will want to contact me at and I'll invoice you via Paypal.


Don't wait....get started now making Native Flutes!

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Here are some folks who have enjoyed using this book to make their flutes.