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Up until now, there were several obstacles keeping folks from making Native Flutes.


Obstacles such as:

          >    Expensive tools that needed to be purchased.  Anywhere from $1000 to several thousands                   of dollars.  (I have had several students who have spent from $5000 up to $10,000. on these                 tools.)

          >    Not having a large enough shop or garage to store all of the large shop tools, and no space                   to use those tools.

          >    Fear of having to use such powerful and dangerous power tools.

          >    Lack of expertise in woodworking, and in using large power tools.

The 'Minimum Tools - Native American Style Flute Making Manual' has over 150 pages of very simple to follow instructions.

Also, there are almost 300 photos of detailed information for each step of the process.

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If you follow the simple instructions in this book you will be successful

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Minimum Tools Native American Style Flute Making Manual is


 Minimum Tools - In the Making of the Native Flute

(This is an eBook.)

Flutes Inspired in the

Style of Native American Flutes

Native American Style Flutes