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I figured I would start watching YouTube videos of some Recording Artists

and learn from them. What the heck was I thinking!

There was no way someone like me, who only played the Native Flute

a few times a week, was ever going to be able to 'copy' the fancy techniques

that those talented Recording Artists were performing.

Again I was demoralized, and thought about quitting.

Those Recording Artists have to practice for hours daily, as that is their livelihood.

Let me teach you how to play your Native Flute.

If you have enjoyed the completeness and simplicity of any of my

CherryCows Native Flute making books, you will love this video series!

No music theory will be used.... no prior music skills will be required....

heck, you won't even have to know the proper way to hold a Native Flute

I'll teach you!

I guarantee you will be able to play a Native Flute very well when you are done learning

the methods and techniques in these 6 videos.

They are sent to your via email, so no DVD's to have to mess with.

That way you can watch and re-watch your videos any time you want to

on any of your computers, cell phones, or notepads.

And you can study these training videos even when you are not at home!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the FREEBIES you will also be getting with your
membership in 'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks'.

As a member, you will be getting 5 FREE BONUS VIDEOS.

These are video stories about the 'Apache Indians of the Southwest'.

Stories about Cochise, Geronimo, and other great Apache warriors.

And most of the photos in these videos were taken right in the exact same

mountains and deserts where the Apaches once roamed.

The pictures are breathtaking, and the stories are captivating. I think you will enjoy them.

And since this is a Native Flute that you will be learning how to ply,

I believe these free videos featuring the historical events of the Apaches

should set the stage for getting you in the native 'spirit'.

So click on the button at the bottom of the page now to get your

'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks' videos

and your 5 FREE videos stories about the Apaches Indians.

All for only $58.

Play the Native American Style Flute in just 6 Weeks!

Here are some techniques that many of the Recording Artists use in their Native Flute songs. I will be teaching them to you in your 'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks' course:

*Multiple finger lifts
*Popping notes
*Bending notes
*Double and triple tonguing
*and Vibrato

As a matter of fact, let me just go ahead and send this video series to you right now....

They will be sent via DVDs to have to mess with.

And you can watch these videos over-and-over again on your computer, cell phone, or tablet.

And, as a way of saying thank you for supporting my work, I am going to include

another 'free' set of videos where you will learn some basic “Indian Sign Language' techniques.

These are fun videos!


Five 'Indian Sign Language' training videos.

Yup, you will be learning how to speak with your hands like the Indians did!

So there it is, Folks.

Do it...get started now!

So hurry up and get started today, click on the button here.

Native American Style Flutes

When I finally did find someone to teach me, they charged $50 per hour.

Well after two sessions of two hours each, and $200 later,

I was not a whole lot better than when I still had that $200 in my pocket.

I certainly was not $200 better!

Though I sounded sort of okay while I was taking the lesson, a few days later

I pretty much had forgotten most of what I had learned.

It would have been nice to have a video of the instruction that I could have reviewed over and over.

Well this video series that I am making available to you today,

is NOT going to cost you $200.... it is a lot less.

Anyway, after those two lessons that I had paid $200 for,

I realized I could not afford to keep shelling out money every time I wanted to learn a knew technique.

And I am sure you will agree, that to get really good at anything,

it does take practicing on a regular basis.

Think about this....

In the past, when you have been saying that you are going to practice on you flute....

well that was sort of like when you said you were going to exercise and get in shape.

So you start your exercise program by doing some exercises at home in your garage or basement.

You had great intentions in continuing, but some where before the six weeks were up,

you got sidetracked and pretty soon you no longer were working out, right?

But, if you were to enroll in exercise classes at the gym,

you find yourself exercising on a regular basis.

That is what you have needed to keep working out.... a 'PUSH'.

Well the 'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks' training course is just the solution

you have been needing to get better on you Flute.

With this training course, a new Native Flute playing lesson comes to you every week,

so you will have had to practice the prior week's lesson.

That will be your 'PUSH' to practice on a regular basis.

And you will become a better Flute player, trust me!

This is what you have needed all along to get better.

You have needed someone to give you simple and complete instruction

on Native Flute playing techniques.

And you have needed some 'PUSHING' you to practice.

​​​​'Play The Native American Style Flute in 6 Weeks' = $58

 Videos on How To Play The Flute

Often many beginner Native Flute player have a burning passion to learn how to play the Native Flute.

And I know how hard it can be to find someone to teach you how to play the Native Flute.

I know.... because that is exactly what happened to me.

I could not find anyone to help me learn. So I learned some 'basics' and began trying to play. In only a few minutes I knew that I sounded terrible. Some people told me, “Hey, you sound good.” I gobbled up the compliments, but later on the way home I knew that I did not know how to play the Native Flute.... period!

I became very frustrated and almost quit.

And if you are already a Flute Player, I know that sometimes you hit a wall,

get bored playing the same couple of melodies over-and-over....

and have a big craving to try to get to the next level of your Native Flute playing.

Yup, that also happened to me.

I saw everyone around me getting better except for me... and it embarrassed me.

And things did not get any better after that.

"Play The Native American Style Flute in 6 Weeks" = $58

So this is what you will be getting:


You will receive, the entire 'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks' course.
That is SIX Native Flute Playing modules on video.
(Plus a couple of extras thrown in.)

And you will receive....


Five video stories about the 'Apache Indians of the Southwest'.


Five 'Indian Sign Language' training videos.

So there it is, folks.
Do it....get started now!
Only $68 for the complete set of 19 videos.

Okay, you are now probable tired of reading all this stuff and are ready to get started.

If so, just go ahead and click on the BUY NOW button below.

Flutes Inspired in the

Style of Native American Flutes

So what all is in that weekly video Native Flute training course?

Well, in that first week of your Native Flute training,

you will learn how to hold your NativeFlute the proper way,

which most flute players don't know how to do!

And you will learn how to not blow into your Native Flute, but rather learn
how to 'breathe a spirit' into your Native Flute.

On that video, I will demonstrate several easy Flute playing techniques,
then on your Flute I'll have you copy what you saw me do.

We will play back and forth several times like that.

That first week of video will actually consists of 3 videos,

that you will be getting with 30 minutes or step-by-step, hands-on, easy instruction.

And what is really nice is that you can pause the video and play back

any parts that you need extra practice on.

I really don't want you to miss out on this great video training of

'Play The Native Flute in 6 Weeks' video series.

I am confident that you will enjoy the training.

So why wait! Let's get started now on you becoming the Flute Player

that you have always wanted to be.

And it is not $ is only $58.

Just click on the Button at the bottom of the page to get the videos coming to you!